Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is evolving to become the main technology by which efficiencies and productivity gains are being perceived by senior management. There are no limits to where AI could be potentially used.

  • Chat bots for providing customer service,
  • Automated processes for claim processing in Insurance companies
  • Analysis of lab samples in pathology labs and forwarding them to a pathologist
  • Analysis of samples in chemical labs in manufacturing establishments
  • Enhanced service oriented drive and better risk assessment for FinTech companies

AI capabilities most commonly rolled out are in process areas of Robotic Process Automation, Computer Vision; in the business areas of Manufacturing and Risk as per McKinsey.

There is ample scope for deploying AI technologies in improving mundane processes on shop floors, QA/QC, predictive maintenance and so on by making effective use of AI. Piggybacking on AI capabilities of tech majors’ platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google will be an effective solution to quickly implement smart AI solutions in even SME companies.