GRC Cyber Security

To align IT with the business objectives one needs to ensure governance, manage risk and abide by all the compliance requirements.

Governance: Manage business in an effective and ethical way

Risk: Manage different kinds of risk such as financial, operational and strategic risks

Compliance:  Conform to the regulatory requirements for business operations, legal requirements, business organization level, data / information security

Vulnerability of data, breach of data security and risk to operations drive the paradigm behind the cybersecurity field. When a company or a county becomes victim, it need not be the big one, it is the most vulnerable. Nations or corporates – all are having to seriously rethink their cybersecurity. Only those who took these seriously have taken the Risk and Security threat seriously and created a policy at CxO level.

The most connected world with the IoT, Cloud and Edge Computing implies that there is a huge increase in vulnerability. The most heavily impacted firms are in cases manufacturing firms that were brought to grinding halt due to vulnerable systems.

AIMitra can help in catering to all your GRC requirements by providing the frameworks, policies and plans for implementation of a comprehensive mechanism for achieving your business goals.