Machine Learning

Machine Learning involves ability to process enormous amount of data to learn to predict an outcome, and improves its ability with experience. In a way it is complicated statistical modelling. But since the data is large, there is advantage of using the big data analysis and deep learning. The crucial factor is in enabling the unstructured data such as relevant images, speech etc to feed into structured business decision-making process. Critical importance needs to be given to

  • Data Experts who can program the data and provide results
  • Business Translators who can interpret the results for the Senior Management by providing guidance about what the results mean

AI Mitra can help in ensuring that the guts of the learning systems is built using the in house business experts and the models can ensure robust checks that ensure debiasing to provide the best solutions. We can also ensure that in the long run such business experts get trained in the necessary systems to ensure that they continue to play the stakeholder role that they originally have.